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Concord & Branch offers World-Class Software Brokerage for qualified applicants.


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What formed from the simple need for website design, has explosively evolved into a company that is involved in everything from AI, IoT, Software Brokerage, to helping cities and civic leaders retain their top talent, and grow towards a beautiful future for all citizens.
Join us as we grow into a company with a vast array of product offerings, providing innovative solutions to your greatest obtacles, increase workflow efficiency, all while helping others become gainfully employed, either with us, or as a direct result of our partnerships with other companies and individuals, as they realize their full potential.

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Our offerings to collaborate with your business


World-class software brokerage for qualified applicants

How does a software brokerage help me?

Not everyone is a software developer. Not everyone is a broker. Rarely, when one tries to accomplish both, is the full potential of the product realized.

Who do you broker software for?

Concord & Branch offers World-Class Software Brokerage for qualified applicants. We are currently accepting software for review, and potential partnership with the brokerage. If you have a finished piece of software you’d like considered for review, please fill out the form below, and we will be in touch.


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